Types of Online Associate Degrees

An online associate degree is the fastest and lowest cost way to get a college degree. Students can select an associate in order to earn a degree that opens entry-level jobs and lays a foundation for a bachelor’s degree.


  • The average salary of all employees with an associate is $33,500 per year.
  • The average cost to get an associates is $36,000.
  • The time to completion is two to three years.
  • The average lifetime earnings for an associate graduate is $1.04 million.
  • The average salary for an associate grad is $39,015.

The most popular college degrees or academic degrees that are the most familiar to people in the United States are the A.A., A.S. and the A.A.S. You want to look for 2 year degree programs that are accredited by a regional or national education institution in order to transfer your credits to a four year college to complete your undergraduate college degree. You should always consult with your academic advisor to prepare for your future college education path.


  • (A.A.) – Associate of Arts
  • (A.A.A) – Associate of Applied Arts
  • (A.A.B.) – Associate of Applied Business
  • (A.A.S.) – Associate of Applied Science
  • (A.A.T.) – Associate of Arts in Teaching
  • (A.B.A.) – Associate of Business Administration
  • (A.D.N.) – Associate Degree in Nursing
  • (A.E.) – Associate of Engineering or Electronics
  • (A.E.S.) – Associate of Engineering Science
  • (A.E.T.) – Associate in Engineering Technology
  • (A.F.) – Associate of Forestry
  • (A.F.A.) – Associate of Fine Arts
  • (A.G.S.) – Associate of General Studies
  • (A.I.T.) – Associate of Industrial Technology
  • (A.O.S.) – Associate of Occupational Studies
  • (A.P.S.) – Associate of Political Science
  • (A.P.T.) – Associate in Physical Therapy
  • (A.S.) – Associate of Science
  • (A.S.N.) – Associate of Science in Nursing
  • (A.T.) – Associate of Technology